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December 28th, 2023 12:16

Transferring avamar server from the old AD domain to the new one

Hi all,

At the beggining: Happy New Year!

Could anyone suggest the easiest way to transfer Avamar servers from the old domain to the other one?

I don't know how to go about it from the avamar side.

Thank you in advance for the step-by-step description of how to do it :)

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January 2nd, 2024 10:37



The subject says "Avamar server", but you write about "Avamar servers". So is this a single-node, or multiple Avamars working in tandem? What version? It is beneficial to include as much information as possible when asking questions.

"How to modify the DNS server IP address on an Avamar server"

If you are using AD authentication in Avamar, you need to reconfigure the LDAP settings. Ensure you have the local Avamar admin credentials available before proceeding so you are not locked out.

LDAP can be configured via AUI (web interface), Avamar Administrator Console (Windows/Linux Java app), or manually modifying text files in SLES Linux. The AUI method is the easiest, but I still highly recommend checking out the LDAP configuration section in Avamar Administration Guide for the version of Avamar you are using. There are also instructions for implementing LDAPS, specifying base dn, and so on.

Finally, when your LDAP is working, you need to replace the existing LDAP maps in Avamar to map LDAP user groups to Avamar rights in root and/or subfolders ('domains' in Avamar speak).

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