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September 30th, 2016 08:00

What’s New With Connectrix CMCNE 14.0.1

There are some great new features to come out of the CMCNE 14.0.1 Connectrix B-Series management software. Below are key highlights that show why it’s not only a great time to be a Connectrix customer, but why it’s an even better time to stay up-to-date with CMCNE 14.0.1!

Key Highlights:

· New integration with ESRS v3 – enabling a number of serviceability features not previously available with Connectrix B-Series

· Call Home is now supported on all CMCNE releases; Professional, Professional Plus and Enterprise

· Elimination of ConnectEMC to provide easier setup and automatic deployment of devices through the gateway for remote access

· Improved inventory reporting AND inclusion of Managed File Transfer (MFT)

Find out more on CMCNE 14.0.1 in this interview with Scott Ramsay and BillC of Dell EMC. Download CMCNE 14.0.1 here.

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