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25-09-2023 15:32 PM

Aurora R10, horrible financing experience

I bought an Alienware Aurora R10 last year through DFS. I was unemployed back then so I really had to think about it as it was priced at $2,000. I had to go back and forth on the product page for 3 days because it was not an easy decision to make. Finally, I decided to pull the trigger because the product was being offered through financing at 0% interest for 24 months. I told myself I can pay $100 monthly and be done in less than 24 months so I wouldn't be worrying about any interest. A week ago, I received an email saying that there will be changes happening in DFS because it will be acquired by a new bank so I decided to login. To my surprise, there's an interest charge on my account. Turns out that the product I bought was under a 12 month financing offer and not a 24 month financing. I can clearly remember the page of the product saying it was being offered for 24 months because I looked at it multiple times while making my decision. I now have $330 as interest and customer service can not waive it. I told them I would pay all of my remaining balance if they could waive all of the interest but, they told me the best they can do is to waive $200 from it. A similar incident was posted on this community years ago so I guess I'm not crazy to see that the product was offered for 0% interest for 24 months.

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25-09-2023 17:11 PM

All we can see is that you bought the Aurora R10 last year and the 1 year warranty has already expired.

We cannot see your private DFS (Dell Financial Services) data. You will need to provide proof of 24 month financing via a picture of your DFS agreement. Then contact DFS directly. Click here to go to the DFS contacts page. You may then choose options to speak directly with DFS agents.