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September 26th, 2023 02:42

Digital xbox game order still pending

I bought a digital Xbox game over 40 minutes ago and it is still pending.

Can I get this fixed.

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03-10-2023 14:45 PM

I recently had this happen with two Xbox game keys I ordered on Dell's website. Depending on how you purchase the game (I used Dell Rewards) the system may never actually verify the game key and release it to you. In other words it will say "Pending Verification" indefinitely. You need to reach out to Dell's Order Modification Team as they can fix it on their end. I'm not sure where you're located but their address here in the US is

If this address does not work for a direct email you'll need to reach out to Dell Customer Support first, then they'll redirect you to the Order Modification Team. However there is a caveat to that. The system would not let me reach out to Dell Customer Support when going under "Order Status" on my Xbox game purchase, as such I had to reach out to them under a different order and simply tell them that I'm actually reaching out regarding order #_______ (the Xbox game purchase) and not the actual order I had selected. 


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