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26-09-2023 01:40 AM

There is no way to give feedback on poor technical support

I just had a two hour session with dell tech support (which I pay for with Premium Support Plus), and it was terrible. They ignored the actual issue (the computer overheating and shutting off when playing a game) and just cleaned my disk twice, then tried to troubleshoot internet connectivity before I stopped them and told them to just focus on my problem. They then tried to tell me that overheating was normal until I pulled up the dozens of error logs from heat-caused shutdowns over the past two weeks. They then tried to tell me that microsoft teams was the issue, even though the errors from that program were not at the same time as the shutdowns and were not even serious errors. 

The lack of any sort of skill was appalling, and I had to intermittently wait 20 minutes for them to cobble together responses to very cut and dry issues.

I have wasted over two hours of my day dealing with an incompetent tech support specialist trying to troubleshoot things that had no value. I have searched the internet and the support website and apparently there is no way to actually provide feedback about the session or to file a complaint. The only suggestions people have is to complain publicly on social media. 

This is the second time that what was advertised as a "30 minute session" took over two hours to solve nothing, and just resulted in sending out a repair person.

No part of this is acceptable. All I want is for someone with any sort of technical ability from Dell to review the recording from the support session so that they can see how inadequate the support is. 

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26-09-2023 04:30 AM

Hi RiRis to make a Formal Complaint click on Product Support and in the top RH corner of new webpage, click on Sign In to open your online Dell account. Create your Service Request with opening text: "This is a Formal Complaint, request send to senior Dell tier that has authority to investigate and correct the inadequate Premium Support Plus response." Include the information in your opening post and state your recommendations. The senior Dell tier investigation usually takes about 10 working days. 

Please click on Get Help Now icon on this webpage to request assistance. 


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26-09-2023 21:48 PM

Hi RiRis,

Thanks for posting your experience and we are sorry to hear things have not gone as smoothly as they should have. You can make the request to speak with the case owners leadership by replying to the support email you received on your case, and there is also the option of using the how I am doing contact listed at the bottom the signature for anyone you get an email at from Dell.

The team will review the request and address things accordingly in the interest of both parties.


Joey R