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December 14th, 2023 13:08

This plugin does not meet the minimum requirements for installation

I increased the VM disk size but the issue is still present. do I need to do any other action after increasing the size?
Appliance resources are not sufficient to either install or continue to run the OpenManage Enterprise Integration for VMware vCenter plugin efficiently:
  • The OME VM is does not have sufficient disk space to support this plugin (available: 200 GB, claimed: 0 GB, required: 15 GB)



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December 14th, 2023 18:28

Hello Hamza Habibi,


We have a KB article: 000219090 that may help on this.

OpenManage Enterprise Console and Plugins window shows 'This plugin does not meet the minimum requirements for installation' message


January 15th, 2024 07:08

@Dell -Charles R​ 

The link is for memory error this is disk space error

January 15th, 2024 07:12

@MagnusUEAB​ I solved this error by adding disk to the vm and then expanding the disk on the console of the vm.

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