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April 29th, 2016 19:00

RAID Management Software for PERC H310 on Win10 x64?

I am having a hard time find a RAID management software to install into Windows 10 x64 in order to create raid sets, check their status, manage them, etc. I can only do this via BIOS menu right now which is not convenient.

I have checked the support page for the DELL PERC H310 and it has no downloads, it says they are included with the supported platform and a link that just goes back to the list of devices to get support on.

I then checked the support page for my precision workstation T7600 which has no RAID management software. This card came with my machine. When I use my service tag, I get even less drivers/software choices and still no RAID Software.

I see references to "Dell SAS RAID Storage Manager 6.1" but no link to download found anywhere, only documentation and another message that the software is available on the appropriate platform with a link back to the list of products.

I see reference to "DELL Lifecycle Controller" but no link to download found anywhere and no support page I can find.

I see reference to "DELL OpenManage Essentials" and found a link to download it, but it seems to be for Enterprise customers and is over a 1 GIG download.

I am kind of surprised it is so difficult to find this on the DELL website. Things like this used to be so easy to find. Please help me if you know how to just get a simple RAID storage manager that has the same functionality of the BIOS menu.


Dell SAS RAID Storage Manager 6.1

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May 1st, 2016 09:00

There are no win10 drivers. Never will be.

You would have to use Server X64 drivers in compatibility mode.


Dell PERC H310/H710/H710P/H810 Controllers
Device Driver for Windows Server 2008 x64



1.0  Introduction
2.0  Compatibility / Minimum Requirements
3.0  Install Instructions
     3.1  Installing the Driver During Operating System Installation
     3.2  Installing a Windows Driver for a New RAID Controller
     3.3  Updating an Existing Windows Driver
     3.4  Driver Update using Dell Update Package (DUP)
4.0  Fixes or Enhancements in this Release
5.0  Additional Information
6.0  Known Issues
7.0  History

1.0 Introduction

This is the driver for the following PowerEdge Expandable RAID Controllers:
    PERC H310 Adapter
    PERC H310 Mini Monolithic
    PERC H310 Mini Blades
    PERC H310 Embedded
    PERC H710 Adapter
    PERC H710 Mini Monolithic
    PERC H710 Mini Blades
    PERC H710P Adapter
    PERC H710P Mini Monolithic
    PERC H710P Mini Blades
    PERC H810 Adapter

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