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June 21st, 2024 13:50

using MIH81R Great Bear motherboard in non dell case (originally inspiron 3847 or 3647 or Vostro 3800 or 3900)

For anyone wishing to use the motherboard of the 3847 in a generic case:

(it is labeled MIH81R Great Bear 13040-1M and is also apparently used for inspiron 3647 and Vostro 3800 and 3900)

refer to this post on Tom's hardware:

with this diagram:

This almost worked for me at first try. Make sure you set + and - of your two wired pwr sw case connector on the correct side (if it fails you can try inverting them - I made that mistake). One thing that seems to have made a difference for me was to insert RAM, I don't think it will POST if you don't have any memory sticks in.

You may also need an extra system fan to remove the fan error at boot.

Hope this helps!

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June 21st, 2024 13:51

This problem is solved :)

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