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June 11th, 2022 09:00

MSstore/Modern Apps not launching after restore v11007

At first, I thought it was due to the latest version of dell image assist, but it just appears that something happened between April and May with the MSstore. Normally there wasn't an issue updating the MSstore apps, capturing the image, then restoring the image and everything being just fine. 

Now however, if I update modern apps up to date and restore. Most if not, all won't launch at all.

if I create the image from scratch and never launch MSstore or allow any apps to update, it will restore as expected and will let me launch the extremely outdated apps but now they are having trouble updating themselves. I'm at a loss here, this has never been difficult until now..

What exactly is the correct order of operations here to have MSstore apps updated before capturing and not have them totally broken on restore?

currently testing on 5420 using 20h2 family driver pack

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June 11th, 2022 14:00

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