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April 10th, 2024 19:39

Why am I still getting driver / firmware updates when using custom imaging from Dell's factory?

What you’re experiencing is the lifecycle of PC updates.

Dell’s Dynamic imaging uses our Factory Dynamic Driver Injection process where the image itself is hardware agnostic and driver packs are injected during the imaging process.

The drivers injected are the Dell Family Driver Packs | Dell US. Below is the description from the top of the Family Packs page.

"Drivers that are used during the development process are tested and qualified by our Dell Product Group for both platform and factory integration. There are times when newer drivers are provided by vendors, but in order to get these drivers to customers more quickly, they are validated and posted online to (where Dell Command | Update pulls from) These updated drivers if deemed required or critical are tested, validated, and integrated into the factory process during a future release. Hence, there may be a delta between when a driver is web-posted to and when it gets added to the relevant driver package. The Family Packs are released on a monthly cadence, allowing time for compatibility testing to be complete."

This goes for BIOS upgrades as well.


Regarding Windows updates, have a read of this article > ‎Windows updates with Image Assist images | DELL Technologies



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