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June 1st, 2024 06:55

DELL MS3320W Scroll wheel issue

My mouse is under warranty of 3 years and it scroll wheel is not working. I am unable to continue my chat on dell get help now bot because it requires service tag and dell mouse's do not have service tag. How can I use its warranty to get it replaced?

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June 1st, 2024 07:36

Try this process to contact warranty claim:

For Mouse/Keyboard bought separately:

- Click Get Help Now on the bottom right corner of this page.

Enter your email when requested.

- Next provide the Order Number (found on the invoice for keyboard or mouse).

Attach a copy of the invoice (image or PDF) in order to validate the purchase information.

- Briefly explain the issue with your mouse or keyboard, you should get an agent assigned to assist you.


If the Get Help Now button is not displayed on your screen, click on this link to see Get Help Now button.

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June 2nd, 2024 18:05

You're right, Dell mice typically don't have service tags. Here's how you can still utilize your warranty to get a replacement:

Contact Dell Support:

  1. Phone: Call Dell customer support. You can find the phone number for your region on Dell's Support website (
  2. Chat Support (alternative): While the chat initially uses a bot, you might be able to connect to a live agent eventually. Explain your situation and mention that the chat bot requires a service tag while your mouse doesn't have one.

Required Information:

  • Model Number: Locate the model number of your Dell mouse. It's usually printed on a sticker on the underside of the mouse.
  • Proof of Purchase: Having your purchase receipt or invoice will expedite the warranty replacement process.

Warranty Verification:

  • The support agent will verify your warranty based on the model number and purchase date.

Replacement Options:

  • New Mouse: Dell might offer to send you a new replacement mouse.
  • Alternative: In some cases, they might offer alternative solutions depending on their stock and policy.

Packing and Shipping:

  • Once the replacement is confirmed, Dell will provide instructions on returning your faulty mouse (if required).

Additional Tips:

  • Be polite and persistent. Explain your situation clearly and request a warranty replacement for your mouse.
  • Have patience. The wait time for phone or chat support can vary.

If you encounter significant difficulty reaching a live representative through phone or chat, you can try contacting Dell support on Twitter (@DellCares) They might be able to assist you there as well.

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