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17-09-2023 21:24 PM

Inspiron 15 3520, docking station?

I want to connect 2 monitors to Dell Inspiron 3520 i5-1235U/16GB/512. Both 1920x1080, 144 and 60 Hz. The question is whether it will support 2 monitors and what docking station should I buy? Regards.

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18-09-2023 10:54 AM

I would temper your expectations -- while you should be able to drive two FHD monitors at 60Hz each, you can forget driving one at 144 Hz -- the system is very much entry level, and even if it is possible (and that's unlikely), you won't be pleased with the results.  It just doesn't have the video capacity to do that job.

Something like the WD19D dock should do the job.

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17-09-2023 22:34 PM

If your system has a USB-C port, it should be able to handle external monitors.  Not all of this system model's units do.

If there's no USB C port, you'll need to connect one monitor to the HDMI port and use a USB Displaylink adapter for the other monitor.

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18-09-2023 09:37 AM

@ejn63​ This model has a USB-C port, I think it should be able to handle it, but which docking station should I choose?