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November 19th, 2023 00:29

Is it possable to modify the dell inspiron 3537's motherboard?

I am just wandering if I can solder on a newer graphics card and cpu I am also wandering if I can soder on a newer ram connector if so what are the newest products that will work with the motherboard also is there newer motherboards that will fit in it?

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19-11-2023 01:13 AM

No.  The physical connection is the least of the issues -- you'd need to design a new mainboard from the ground up, and write all new firmware yourself.

Neither will anything but the original board fit the system's chassis.

This is a 10 year old system that's worth somewhere around $50-75 complete and working.  For not much more than that, you can buy a used system a few years newer with more current CPU support and a better GPU.

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19-11-2023 01:23 AM

@ejn63​ do you know if there is a company that can design a new mainboard for it

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19-11-2023 02:03 AM

Probably, if you have the funds -- figure on at least a few multiples of $10,000 for a basic board design.

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19-11-2023 02:06 AM

I will just by a new laptop

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