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May 31st, 2024 07:08

Laptop freezes at Dell logo halfway

My Dell Inspiron 14-3467 laptop, which I've had for six years, has been running smoothly despite its age.

Everything seemed fine until one day when I decided to clear out all the games I had installed. As I was deleting the last game, the laptop suddenly shut down on its own. Initially, it refused to turn back on, but after some persistence, it finally booted up again. However, I encountered an error message stating "Time-of-day not set error." I corrected the time in the BIOS settings and proceeded.

However, from that point on, the laptop got stuck at the Dell logo during startup. The loading circle would only reach halfway before freezing, and strangely, the battery light would turn off during this time. I tried various troubleshooting steps, including running diagnostics (which all passed) and attempting to reinstall Windows from a bootable USB drive.

While I managed to reinstall Windows after a few attempts, the problems persisted. The laptop randomly shut down, showing a blue screen error, while I was deleting some apps. After shutdown, it would get stuck at the Dell logo again upon restart.

I sought help from the Dell community, sharing photos of the issue, but so far, nothing has resolved the problem. I even tried removing the battery and clearing residual power, to no avail. Reformatting the bootable USB drive and reinstalling Windows from scratch didn't help either.

At this point, I'm at a loss for what to do next. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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July 1st, 2024 02:35

It sounds like your laptop's CMOS battery might need replacing, as it's causing BIOS settings issues. Also, consider checking the hard drive for any errors or damage using a bootable diagnostic tool like Hiren's BootCD. If issues persist, a professional hardware check might be necessary.

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