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September 1st, 2023 11:20

Superna Golden Copy recall data to orginal location

Hi, does anyone have a formal procedure for recalling data with Superna Golden Copy?

Essentially all data is recalled to a staging directory /ifs/goldencopy/recall, and it will be up to as as storage admins to move the data into the 'correct' directory (that are NFS/SMB paths) 

What is the best way to do this? I was assuming to utilise the 'mv' command for this because SyncIQ has limitations on the destination path, setting it as READ only, when it is likely we will be merging files/folders into a live share. the destinations also have running snapshots/domain marks on them and thus assume SyncIQ wouldnt work as expected/or have consequences to end users working in those SMB/NFS shares.

Is there any other recommended tool? Superna Golden Copy seems pretty good at backing up data, but recalling is a shame it can't go to the orginal location without manual intervention. 

If we were doing a larger DR scenario we would just change the recall path, but I am talking more about day-to-day operations for restoring data.

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