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November 12th, 2007 19:00

How to Speed up Performance on XPS 1330 running Vista HM Premium ??

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November 12th, 2007 21:00

Try downloading the windows vista hotfix KB940105.

November 15th, 2007 16:00

Thanks for the tip I did that but it didnt seem to have much noticeable affect. Did I do something wrong? SHould there be any additional configuring I need to do? Someone suggested I get rid of the Zone Alarm as it has been known to bog down machines like this. What say ye?

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November 15th, 2007 20:00

Eveybody has a different opinion on that issue,personally i have no problem's running a/v and other apps.Try clearing internet history,defrag,and turn off some program's you do not need with windoe's start up.If that does not help go to xtremeg or omega driver's see if you can find one that will be a bit more stable.

November 16th, 2007 12:00

I turned off the ZA and bam! Not only did the machine start up faster but everything else did too. What a major difference. So I turned off ZA permanantly , turned Windows Firewall back on and use Webroot Spycatcher w/Virus Check and that seems to do the trick. I defragged the other night, I use Webroot Windows Washer to clean all the garbage out and Mozilla FireFox for better web experieince. And I do turn off those programs I m not using. Thanks for your advice. I'll keep fiddling around with it. I mean, it was sold as one of the highest performing notebooks and then with the extra 4 gig or ram I just bought from Dell, you'd think it should perform with very little or no wait time for programs to start or hangup or system crashes right?? One thing I have to say about XP Pro,,, it was pretty stable and everything ran like a charm. It wasn't as pretty as Vista, but I'll take working faster and better over pretty any day! Vista has some nice features I admit, but let's face it, speed is really where it's at so I hope the folks at MS figure out ways to make it all go like my Mazda RX8----- ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM!

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November 27th, 2007 18:00

After an initial speed up it began to drag even worse the before so here is what i did. 1) I wiped the drive completely clean using a washer program. Wiped it 3 times. 2) Re-installed brand new Vista Home Premium on its own. 3) Installed only THOSE DRIVERS THAT I NEEDED for necessary functionality, RE: Web cam, wireless and broadcom network card, fingerprint reader, etc. 4)Installed Spy Sweeper from Webroot and some other minor programs. 5) Made sure that most of this stuff DID NOT automatically start up with Windows. 6) Downloaded TrendMicros Hijack This to check what was running in the background if any and delete when I find an anomoly. 7) Keep programs running at a minimum. 8) Shut down ALL non essential windows services and processes that run secretly in the background. 9) Turned OFF windows auto update and only update when i want to thoroughly checking what it is I am downloading to make sure I need it. In short, I burned out all the junk stuff that was pre-installed that i will never use but runs in the background sapping windows resources, and am very careful about what I install and how it operates within windows Vista. So far the system handles pretty smoothly now. Accessing web pages pop up pretty quickly even when surfing wirelessly and there doesnt seem to be any conflicts with between programs at this time. SO my suggestion to those who have recently bought a received a "fully loaded PC or laptop" is this: Strip bare, re-install ONLY thos programs you need and then optimize them all for mmaximum performance. Windows did such a good job of integrating EVRYTHING and trying to cover every possible security issue pprogram necessity they tied it all together what can only be described as a hodge podge which doesnt quite work yet. I have a seaky feeling that in a few months I will be migrating back to some better version of XP which was solid and worked great. BTW> I use a NETGEAR Next wireless router-N dual firewall WNR834B, Windows Firewall, Defender, Webroot Windows Washer , and Webroot Spysweeper and so far I feel pretty secure. TrendMIcro Hijack This to sweep the system and remove and undesirable sneekies that MIGHT get in and I'm good as far as security goes. Forget all those over engineered do it all firewall security software solutions. Memory hogs and like a supermarket, they can t do everything well. Happy PCing and web surfing.
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