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September 25th, 2011 12:00

Laptop charger has 2 plug pins only

​Dear All,​

​I have purchased Inspiron N5010 from Seoul (South Korea) before 8-9 months. Initially for 3 months, I had used laptop in seoul very well.​

​After that I am using laptop in India. But here i have faced lot of problems like Motherboard replacement, Bluetooth card replacement & touchpad and Keyboard replacement. ​

​In Seoul all Electrical connections with 2 pins only. Hence I got dell charger with 2 pins.​

​Dell engineer said I am facing all this issue because of 2 pin charger only. Because in India we used 3 pin charger with Earthing connection.​

​He recommended me to use 3 pin charger to avoid all this issues.​

​My question is really I need to convert 2 pin charger to 3 pin?? And if so, can i get seperately charger connector cable ( from adaptor to plug socket) in market as charger is working well. But I want 3 pin connector cable..​



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