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08-04-2017 04:00 AM

Inspiron 13 7000 (2016): possible chassis design flaw causing lockups, possibly flickering


After a month and a half of going back and forth with repairs for my brand new Inspiron 13 7378 (2016 model), I still had display flickering and at some point the laptop started to lock up when picked up. After MB replacement the laptop started to lock up when you type on the keyboard, so was about to return it, but decided to look whether motherboard can be shorted by anything in the chassis.

I found these "bumps":

Here are those with the motherboard. It looks like there is a heavy presence of them around the HDMI output:

I taped them over and was able to get the laptop to boot, and I am typing this on the keyboard that several hours ago would have locked up the device.

Unfortunately, after removing the tape and attempting to boot again, the laptop worked as expected, but given that the old motherboard would lock up if you try to lift the laptop by holding the area near the left hinge (4 bumps with exposed metal), I am inclined to believe that was the original issue.

The original laptop and replacement exhibited display flickering (not backlight, the whole display) with Intel drivers installed, and I have yet to see the issues with the new motherboard, so maybe the chassis was shorting something related to the video output which in turn would lock up the system.

Are my assumptions plausible?

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