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April 18th, 2024 19:09

5510 LCD panel assembly JIRTS1

Hello and thank you in advance for any assistance. 
I have searched and searched, but can’t find out or think of a use for a connection to the mainboard. Some models have a cable from the lcd panel assembly that plug into the JIRTS1 port on the motherboard, and some don’t. 

Any thoughts what this cable,  along with the EDP does?

Both have non-touch panels if that matters 

(of course I don’t have one with it to pull apart for any discovery at this time)

best regards, 


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April 18th, 2024 19:15

Could be a touchscreen cable, or for an ancillary camera or eye tracking module?

The EDP connector is for the display assembly to the mainboard -- it carries the video signal.


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April 18th, 2024 20:23


Thanks much.

searching for infrared touch screen cable makes sense now. Dell apparently uses it with some non touch panels just to be confusing. 

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