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28-12-2019 05:00 AM

fan noise and heat Dell Latitude 7490

So, basicly i got a new Latitude 7490 and when i do some work on battery the Laptop remains silent and cool. If i plug it in though the fans ramp up really fast and loud also... the Laptop get uncomfortable hot.


So I hope someone has a Solution for me,
The best of luck




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20-05-2020 07:00 AM

I seem to have this problem too - only happens when plugged in - did you find any solution?

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20-06-2020 19:00 PM

The same problem for me. Did you find any solution?

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21-06-2020 23:00 PM

Heating issue: Keeping air vents clean of dust.Applying new thermal paste these two things need to be done in first place. Update BIOS driver to latest & Intel-Dynamic-Platform-and-Thermal-Framework driver(this will help).In some models Dell power manager(not Dell command/power manager) driver is available which is UI based application in which you can change settings of processor fan speed..,, etc(this will be very much useful unfortunately in some models this driver is not available).Yes,this model is having heating issue but following above steps will hugely solve this issue.If possible try to re-install o.s