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February 22nd, 2024 19:11

Latitude 7400 downgrade BIOS

Has someone tried to downgrade the bios to Latitude 7400? I have not been able to do this in different ways. The system prohibits downgrading to an older version.

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February 28th, 2024 13:54

We seem to be having a similar issue.  7420s have updated to 1.32 during our automatic DCU checks but the valid version on the webpage shows as 1.27.  DCU keeps trying to roll it back and it keeps failing.  My colleague has said he tried rolling it back directly in the bios without any luck.

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March 4th, 2024 10:12

Why you want to downgrade Latitude 7400 BIOS. What is you current version?

Latest is 1.29.0 . I am running version 1.28.0.

You have read the important information?

- Dell Technologies recommends that you do not downgrade the BIOS EXE/Recovery (RCV) to earlier versions. If you want to downgrade to an older BIOS version, you may follow one of the below steps:
1. Use BIOS Flash Update in the F12 Boot menu to downgrade the BIOS.
2. Disable the SMM Security Mitigation option from the BIOS setup menu before attempting the downgrade in the Windows operating system.
- BIOS updates take no more than 5 minutes to be installed on your system. You can install the updates in the background while using the system. 

About Latitude 7320 /7420 / 7520 BIOS. Versions 1.28.0, 1.30.1, 1.31.0 and 1.32.0 are withdrawn. Today the latest recommended is 1.27.0.

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