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30-09-2023 16:51 PM

Latitude e6420 lights on,caps lock stays on and fan spins for 5-15 seconds then just turns off

Hello,i got a latitude e6420 and today i was trying to turn it on,it does this:power button lights on,the caps lock light stays on and fan spins for 5-15 seconds,no display and the pc just turns off. I've tried all solutions(disconnecting the bios battery,connecting it) but it gets worse when i plug the bios battery,it does another thing,power light stays on,caps lock light is off,fan spjns for 5 seconds and turns off with no led indicators. Also no display. Someone has a solution to it?

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30-09-2023 19:33 PM

Unplug and remove the battery.  Make sure everything external is disconnected.  Remove and reinstall the memory modules and the storage drive.

Reconnect the battery and then try powering up.  If you still see the same symptom, the mainboard needs to be replaced;  compare the cost of a newer system -- this one has little value left and is better replaced than repaired.

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01-10-2023 17:17 PM

@ejn63​ i tried it but,it wont do anything,the same symptoms,yeah i will consider buying one soon.. at least the cpu is salvaged and the other things for me to keep. Thanks.