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November 6th, 2023 20:38

The team

Program Leads:

Maggie Becker

Senior Advisor, Sales Training


Maggie Becker (she/her/hers) has been at Dell Technologies for 3 years. The best part about her role is developing and empowering sellers to excel, thrive, and grow in their careers by facilitating learning and delivering training.  In her previous role, she created and managed a program for current underrepresented minority college students to explore skills and careers in sales. Maggie is professionally proud of co-leading a college career center to be ranked in all three of the Princeton Review career categories in 2018, and recently earning Worcester Business Journal’s 40 under 40 award for the Class of 2022. One of her aspirations is to continuously empower college students and early career professionals to accomplish their personal and professional goals. Something unique about Maggie is that she designed and upholstered a chair out of the suitcase that her grandparents used to immigrate to the United States.

Andrea Gajdemski


Enterprise Account Executive

Andrea is a graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University - Lazaridis School of Business and Economics with an Honors BBA degree. With a passion for technology and how it is shaping our future, she began her role at Dell Technologies as an Associate Inside Sales Representative within the NextGen Sales Academy. From there, she became an Inside Data Center Sales Executive supporting Tier 1 Commercial accounts throughout Central Ontario. Today, Andrea is a core Account Executive supporting Enterprise accounts in Toronto. As the GenNext Canada Chapter Co-Lead, Andrea is committed to supporting community involvement, personal empowerment and professional development. 


Lisa Gillis

District Sales Manager - Ontario Central Region



Lisa Gillis has been at Dell Technologies  for 7 years with over 25 years in the industry. The best part about her role is  that she gets to coach, inspire and work with a group of amazing people. Something Lisa is professionally proud of is the opportunity to work on programs like Soar with MENTOR that help elevate women and promotes women helping women. One of her goals/aspirations is always be the best that she can be both mentally and physically. Something interesting about Lisa is her love of animals, she recently adopted a rescue dog from Egypt and you can find her walking, playing and loving her beautiful puppy Myles. He is a true gift to her life and family. 

Katina Papulkas

Sr. Education Strategist



Katina is a Senior Education Strategist and has been at Dell Technologies for 5 years.  The best part about her role is that she is able to focus on student learning amplified by technology for K20 across Canada. Something Katina is professionally proud of is collaborating with lots of different teams/organizations and institutions to support student success .  One of her goals is to learn how to stream so she can create her own YouTube channel that people will actually watch.  Something interesting about Katina is that she took a year off with her husband and kids and travelled the world.

Students Apprentices:

Kiana Darrell

University of Victoria

Kiana Darrell has been a biomedical engineering student at the University of Victoria for 4 years. The best part about her role is learning about the various technologies used to address current healthcare needs, like biocompatible materials. Something Kiana is professionally proud of is her previous work at the Hospital for Sick Children as a research student. One of her current goals is to find a biomedical career that allows her to have a positive impact in the medical sector. Something unique about Kiana is that in her spare time, she does archery and is a certified archery coach for beginners.

Athena Slater 


Toronto Metropolitan University 

Athena is a second year Early Childhood Studies student at Toronto Metropolitan University (Formerly known as Ryerson University). In her field, she enjoys discussing and studying child development and growth in all aspects. In her free time, you can find her watching movies with friends and family or playing rugby on her University school team. Something interesting about Athena is that her number one goal on her bucket list is to travel around the world one day.

Mikhaila Tutte


Mikhaila istaking her final courses in CS at York University. In her field, she enjoys lab and coding work. In her free time, you can find her reading fantasy novels and practicing the ukulele. Something interesting about Mikhaila is that she loves to travel and has visited over 25 countries with her family. 

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November 6th, 2023 20:47

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