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September 27th, 2023 14:48

S2722QC, most recent firmware, #2

Hi, I have a similar driver issue on this monitor. I bought it last week from Amazon. I downloaded the firmware Dell_S2722QC_FWUpdate_M3B102_Windows.exe. When I run this there's warning "you are updating an older version".  Is this just miss-leading that the firmware version numbering is back to front (i.e. is 102 newer than 201) and should it not not really be a warning?

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November 2nd, 2023 11:37

After checking with Dell chat, they found out that version 201 is indeed newer and for some reason was not enter to the publishing system.

So, if you have 201, don't update it. If you have 102, wait for the 201 version to be available online.

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September 27th, 2023 14:59

Let's backup.

Enter the S2722QC Menu- Others. What is the currently installed firmware version?

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October 15th, 2023 05:49

I have the same question about the same S2722QC model (I bought it from Best Buy last month though).  The monitor itself reports in the menu that its running M3B201, which seems to suggest that it's newer than what's available on the support page (M3B102).  Are these newer units just shipping with new FW?  I'm interested in making sure I'm using the latest FW since I've been getting drops to 30Hz (instead of 60) every now and then when I reconnect to my laptop.

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