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November 30th, 2023 19:14

U2723QE, disable audio over HDMI/USB-C ?

How do I disable the audio interface on a Dell U2723QE?  When I connect my laptop to it (either via USB-C or HDMI) or switch KVM inputs,  the monitor's audio output seems to always take over.     This causes lots of issues with Zoom and Teams, where the monitor takes over audio output even though it has no speakers.

Every time I dock or switch between machines using the monitor's KVM, I have to open my audio settings and change the audio output away from the monitor.

There needs to be a setting in the monitor's firmware to disable its audio.

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November 30th, 2023 20:39

Speakers only have functions for volume and mute.  Audio controllers and drivers are from the source playback device.  You can disable selected audio controllers from Device Manager.

The better approach is to set certain speakers as default playback from Sounds Settings.


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December 1st, 2023 20:57

That doesn't really work.  Sound Settings requires that you make the change every single time.  There is no way to permanently disable an audio device in macOS. 

Further, consider an office space with hotel cubicles available for use.   Many different users may use the same monitor, all with different equipment.  We would have to leave printed instructions in each cubicle instructing users that the monitor may take over their audio output and how to resolve it (which can be particularly difficult with Teams).  

It would be better that the monitor simply have an option to disable audio.

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