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June 21st, 2024 03:46

U3223QE, how to move monitor vertically downward on stand?


I'm trying to use a Dell U3223QE monitor on my desk and my neck has gotten so strained over the past 3 days looking up browser menu bars at the top of the screen.

The stand LOOKS LIKE it should allow for pulling the monitor down vertically, but I can't find a button or screw that does that (the "remove monitor from stand" button is one I have not tried... surely you don't have to do THAT to adjust the height??), and just grasping the lower edges of the monitor and tugging straight downward doesn't do it.

Should I just tug harder and not worry that I'll crack/break the stand? Is there another button or knob I need to use to allow for pulling it down vertically?

I read something online like, if the monitor is at its max vertical height the stand locks into place and "makes it difficult" to pull the monitor down again, but those comments didn't explain how to do so.


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June 21st, 2024 04:52

Yes, you can simply hold both sides and pull the monitor down to adjust the height.  See this YT video for adjustment capability

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June 21st, 2024 06:17

Thanks, Chino! When I stood above it and pushed down, that got enough leverage to adjust it downward. Much better now. :-)

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