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November 8th, 2023 17:58


Increasing the port count on switches

Hi all,

One of the common questions when running Dell virtual appliances within GNS3, is around increasing the port count.


By default, the virtual appliances will be equipped with 10 interfaces. Normally that is sufficient to add end devices, VLTi discovery interfaces and uplink ports … but what if the topology requires more ?


No problem. Simply right-click on the appliance and choose Configure

Select the Network Tab and increase the Adapter value to increase the number of Ethernet interfaces on the virtual appliance

The only gotcha is that, you cannot modify the amount of interfaces on a virtual appliance, while there are existing links to that appliance. 

So if you know the appliance will need more than 10 interfaces, it's best to specify the number of needed interfaces at the start, so that you don’t need to delete links, increase the adapter count and then re-attach the links.

Happy building everyone!

Kind Regards



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November 10th, 2023 01:46

This is good to increase port counts for testing, I will give it a try now. Thanks for sharing Barry

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