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18-09-2023 22:44 PM

Dell S3148 wont boot. "Partitioning 1G onfinand0: bad block encountered!! Addr-0x12700000"

Hi Everyone,

We're on our third failed S3148 switch in the past two weeks. All switches were running firmware 9.14(2.14).

The SNMP and SSH services stop working. Console login does not work as well. This leads us to reboot the switch. Upon reboot the switch encounters a bad block and that's where it stays stuck. Dell technical support has looked at it and there is nothing they can do but to RMA. 

Has anyone else come across this? We have a few other S3148 switches on the same firmware and we expect those to go soon as well. 



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19-09-2023 05:45 AM



I'm sorry to hear that you have multiple switch having the same issue. 


For the issue (Partitioning 1G onfinand0: bad block encountered!! Addr-0x12700000) on corrupted/not recoverable flash in the switch, it is not related to the switch firmware.


I'm unsure what would be the reason that the switch SNMP and SSH stopped working, but prior to the issue, did you contact the support to check before the reboot? If no, I may suggest contacting the support if you encounter the stopped services. 


19-09-2023 22:06 PM

Hi Joey,

I haven't contacted support yet before a reboot.

I did find this documentation. It appears this was an issue before on older firmware and was fixed on 9.14(1.10.).

Although we are on newer firmware than the fix the issue appears to have come back.

Only solution at the moment is to get an RMA.