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25-09-2023 16:40 PM

ExpressRoute/BGP issue on Dell S4048T-ON

Hello all:

I've got an AT&T ADX/ExpressRoute connected and the routes coming in through eBGP show up correctly. However, when I advertise my local network, we lose all connectivity to Azure. 

Here is the show ip bgp ipv4 unicast:

    Network            Next Hop            Metric     LocPrf Weight Path
*>                            50000 13979 12076 i
*>                            50000 13979 12076 i
*>                            50000 13979 12076 i
*>                            50000 13979 i
*>                            50000 13979 i
*>                            50000 13979 i

When I edit the BGP config to advertise my local network it shows up like this:

n*>                                        32768 i

Which is the wrong path. Instead the next-hop should be 

I've noticed that when I try add network using address-family configuration, I'm not able to input ipv4 unicast on the advertisement. The router only seems to allow address-family ipv4 multicast or address-family ipv6 unicast, which does me no good since we are talking ipv4 here. Any guidance on how to get to the right configuration would be appreciated greatly, as I believe this is the only thing holding up connectivity on our ExpressRoute currently. 



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25-09-2023 20:50 PM

Hello Mark,


To check in to this could you let us know the OS and version you are on?


Maybe this could help to get you started if OS9.14.2.6

Example-Configuring BGP routing between peers


26-09-2023 00:53 AM

Hey Charles! I appreciate the response. My OS is:

      Platform          Version        Size           ReleaseTime
 S-Series:S4048T-ON       9.14(2.17)    72714306    Oct  5 2022 13:36:11

The strange thing about this issue is that the route actually advertises just fine when I add it, but there's no connectivity. Here is the config itself:

router bgp 65067
 description ADX-to-Azure

 timers bgp 15 45
 bgp four-octet-as-support
 bgp graceful-restart
 neighbor remote-as 13979
 neighbor no shutdown

I can see the advertisements from the other router just fine and I can see the advertisement from my router showing up in the ExpressRoute's route table in Azure. 



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26-09-2023 07:55 AM



I chatted with one of the networking colleague, he suggested that a call to the support is needed to check on the support logs for further checks on the configurations to find the root cause.


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26-09-2023 15:02 PM

Hey Joey C, 

I appreciate the response. The unfortunate thing about that is that I purchased this switch used from a third-party reseller. It does have a support contract on it, but not from Dell. The company I work for is a non-profit org so this is not uncommon practice for us when purchasing equipment. Would I still be able to get help from Dell if we paid for the support?






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26-09-2023 15:47 PM

Hello Mark,


You could contact Sales and see if a Warranty extension can be purchased and if not you can ask about a "Post Standard Support" contract.

Dell -Charles R

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26-09-2023 18:52 PM

@Dell -Charles R​ 

Thanks for all your help. I will do that.