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November 5th, 2023 23:55

OS10 VLT Peer Routing and port channel to cisco sw

New to dell switches!

I have two new Dell S Series switches running OS10 that are going to operate as the gateway core router. I have setup the VLT domain and the discovery interfaces for the 100g DAC interfaces. There is a 10g uplink from each Dell switch to one single Cisco access switch with port channel enabled.

  • Do i need to configure anything on the cisco switch side ?

So i've read a fair bit of documentation on VLT/peer routing. But just to confirm, the traffic is processed on both switches in the VLT domain with peer routing enabled, so there is no "failover" as such? As long as the routes exist on both switches i should be good to go?

The documentation isn't really 100% clear on this. Appreciate any advice from any dell experts! i made a very rough diagram here

but it might make it more confusing than it needs to be



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November 6th, 2023 09:05



I'm not good in networking. I gave the diagram to the network support, to have a simple look at the configuration. He mentioned you will need to configure trunk port-channel. He gave me this example, hope this helped:


#interface port-channel 5

#switchport mode trunk

#switchport trunk allowed vlan xx,xx,xx

#switchport access vlan 1


As for Cisco switch, I do not have the exact commands for the switch, but he mentioned you need to configure LACP port-channel. 


Hope this helps. 


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