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December 5th, 2023 18:39

S4148T-ON up/up pluggable media not present - Not working


I am hoping someone out there can help me figure out why I have no traffic on connections that have fibre->copper modules installed.

I have 2x R640s with a bunch of Broadcom BCM57412 NetXtreme-E 10Gb RDMA Ethernet modules installed.  These modules are connected to a S4148T-ON switch (into SFP+ copper ports).  The servers and switch seem to negotiate a 1G connection and appear to be up on both sides however no traffic actually goes over that line.  I assume there is some level of communication since if I force a 10G connection at the server the link drops (though only at the server, the switch still shows the link as up at 1G).  If I try to force 10g on the switch port (speed 10000) I get an "Operation no supported" message.

I have attached a screenshot to show that it appears there is no input to that switch port and the only thing that jumps out at me is that there is a message at the top of the interface that says "Pluggable media not present".  I think this may be a red herring as I have another server that is connected to the switch, seems to be working, has input/output stats, but also shows "Pluggable media not present".

Also, while I was typing this I tried to shutdown the port and bring it up again and now the server/switch have negotiated a 100Mbit/s speed which I am able to force to 1Gbit/s if I do the "Speed 1000" on the switch port.  Anyone have any ideas?  Thank you.



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December 6th, 2023 01:43

Thanks for choosing Dell.

Please see the highlighted in the attached- I don’t believe 100M is not supported on switch. You said that 1G but the speed is 100M only. The minimum speed required 1G or 10G.

Another thing we can think of is that the sfp+ module might be faulty. May we ask if you are using Dell qualified optics or non-qualified optics?



1. Could you check if the firmware is upgraded to and above
2. The problem could be non-qualified dell optics and use dell qualified optics
3. SFP+ module faulty, in order to isolate the reported , check loopback test on switch itself



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