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April 3rd, 2020 20:00

How can I become a TechExpert?


The TechExperts program recognizes  skilled experts and technology enthusiasts who volunteer to provide answers on the Dell Community Forum.. There are three ways to become a TechExpert: 

1. Raise through the ranks to the Gold level.
Once you reach Gold, you automatically have the opportunity to become a TechExpert, and a Dell representative will contact you. This process is automatic and you need do nothing more than continue contributing valuable information on the Community. The more valuable your contribution, the higher the points allotted and therein, the quicker your path to becoming a TechExpert.

2.Get a recommendation

Potential TechExperts may be nominated by other community members, current and former Dell Rockstars, Dell agents and Dell partners (like Microsoft). The nominations will be reviewed by Dell team members and awarded based on several criteria, including:

  • Quality participation (i.e. number of verified solutions provided to the community)
  • Product expertise (i.e. number of quality contributions on specific topics)
  • Community leadership (i.e. ability to identify trends and pull together topics of conversations related to the same question/issues; de-escalation and moderation of community conversations; familiar with and informative of the community terms of use)


3.  Submit your certifications. 
If you're certified in the following, you are eligible to bypass Ranks and become a TechExpert. Please contact @Dell-BradL , our resident TechExperts manager, to initiate the process.

Learn more about our ranks, levels and badges here.

Dell Technologies Proven Professional Certification Program 

Dell Technologies Education Services 

Certified Expert Malware Analyst 

Microsoft Certified Professional 

Other MS Certifications 

A+ Training




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