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September 26th, 2023 06:54

No bootable device found - Dell Optiplex 3070

Hi all
I would like you all help me because I have problem "No bootable device found" - Dell Optiplex 3070.

from the first, I want to install window but can't install on SSD partition so I clean the disk then I can install Window but after complete installation and restart computer show " no bootable device found". I tried many way but still can't fix it. anyone know how to fix it?

best regard, 


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26-09-2023 09:54 AM

Set SATA operation mode to AHCI and perform Windows installation again to see if it helps.

Which size, form factor of 3070 do you have?


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28-09-2023 01:40 AM

Try replacing the size 2032 CMOS battery.  How to Perform a BIOS or CMOS Reset and Clear the NVRAM on Dell Computers

With a bad battery, it's almost impossible to load Windows on an SSD.  Bad batteries affects BIOS, which in turn affects if it finds drives or not.

I think the 3070 is about 5 years old, which is about the lifetime for a good 2032 battery.  The 3070 almost seems too new for all of that, but is showing the signs.

Once that's taken care of, as Chino said, have BIOS set to AHCI when loading SSD.

It's not said what you're trying to load from or how it was created, so one more post to make sure the bases are covered...


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28-09-2023 01:52 AM

On a working PC, download Win10 to an 8GB or bigger blank flash drive formatted to FAT32.  They often come formatted that way anyway.  Download Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) Microsoft Site  Download the ISO.  It will be in your Downloads folder.  With flash drive inserted, click on the ISO and follow onscreen instructions   Win10 will then be loaded on the flash drive.  Takes a little while.  When ready to load Win10 from flash drive, boot from from flash drive on your PC to load Win10.

When a window pops up asking what partition to load Win10 on, delete all previous partitions except for System and MSR if reusing a boot drive.  Then click on Next or Install.  Win10 will then automatically create the appropriate partitions and load.  If a window pops up asking for product key, click on link that says "I do not have a product key."  Win10 will then continue to install using the product key that's imbedded in BIOS.  You'll still need to activate it online.

If it's Win11 you want:  Download Windows 11 Microsoft Site 

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