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September 16th, 2023 22:34

Proper heatsink for T630

I just purchased a used T630 and I'm upgrading the processors.  I'm trying to confirm the correct heat sink for a pair of E5-2696 v4 processors.  The Thermal Design Power of the E5-2696 is 150 watts.

I'm seeing everything including:

  • WC4DX
  • 412-AADX
  • RMVM3 @ 105W
  • ORMVM3

I'm going NUTS searching for the proper heat sink, but I can't find anything other than the listing of 105W for the RMVM3.

Can someone point me where to look for the proper part number or ratings please?



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18-09-2023 05:12 AM

Hello thanks for choosing Dell. This may help:

KYWYN ASSY,HTSNK,160W,3.3X4X4.3,T630 Heatsink, ASSY Heatsink, ASSY Assembly, Heatsink, 160W, 3.3X4X4.3, T630


26-09-2023 16:21 PM

Awesome ... TY for your help.

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22-11-2023 12:25 PM

@DELL-Young E​ - can you recommend where this cooler can be purchased? Also, does the TDP rating depend on what case fans are installed?



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22-11-2023 15:29 PM


you could order spare parts from our hotline.

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