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March 23rd, 2024 07:58

SOLVED: Embedded VGA video output displays "Configuring Memory..." when powering on then screen goes blank and stays empty black

A R620 machine has been functioning well and recently I connected the embedded vga to an lcd and got no video output. The monitor recognizes an analog video signal but shows a blank black screen. 

I rebooted the machine and the embedded VGA video output will display "Configuring Memory..." when powering on but then screen goes blank and stays empty black. None of the POST boot screens appear and there is no video of the operating system etc. Nevertheless the machine is functioning and it boots to the operating system and works normally. I can connect to idrac and remote into the machine and the video appears in idrac.

I have reset the bios and i was going to reset idrac.

Is there any reason why the embedded video would momentarily work and then stop working soon after powering on? Anything else I could try?


In idrac, virtual console settings someone must have accidentally unchecked this or the idrac settings got corrupted:

Local video server enabled NEEDS TO BE CHECKED

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