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September 16th, 2023 04:52

Dell Poweredge C6100 - Will Not Detect Any HDD’s

Hi, recently I bought a C6100 4 node from eBay and I’ve been struggling with an issue regarding no storage devices (other than USB) can be detected, even though bios. Before I begin, I’ll add that I’m very new to servers but well versed in desktops, laptops, etc… Also, this is not for a business, simply a home lab operation.

It was made clear to me in the listing that no HDD’s or trays were included so I bought my own on eBay again.

I bought 12 trays matching the exact chassis and they seem to operate no problem.

I also bought 10x 2TB Dell/Seagate Enterprise Plus ST2000NM0023 SAS Drives to install. Are these drive firmwares incompatible?

Installing these drives, I’ve notice the trays emit a solid green light from the status LED. For all HDD’s. But there is never any activity indicator, only on initial machine cold start.

I’ve gone though as much documentation that I could find to point me in the right direction. I’ve booted externally though Centos 7 to install drivers, locate repositories, and flash the BIOS at least. Although the flashing tool indicated that the flash has completed, the version never changes. I also seem to struggle understanding the BMC on this machine. Is it iDRAC? Or is the machine too old? I seem to struggle accessing the OpenManage web portal unless I boot the Dell Support Live Centos 7 distribution. 

I’ve opened up the chassis top hatch to inspect the backplane and all cables seem to be properly connected too. I do not have a RAID controller, and the drives don’t plug directly into the node motherboards. They plug into the backplane storage controller.

Given every path I’ve taken to tackle this issue, is there anything I could be missing? Please let me know if more information is needed. I’ve read the BMC, Hardware guides about a hundred times at this point all to no avail.



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September 18th, 2023 05:50

Hello, thanks for choosing Dell. We regret to tell you Cent OS is not within our support scope.


I’m guessing it’s either

Drive Controller LSI 1068e 3Gb SAS/LSI 2008 6Gb SAS mezzanine 


RAID Controller LSI 9260-8i add-in RAID controller

You could look for the driver, that’s the guideline I could offer at this point.


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September 18th, 2023 13:19

Do note that for a C6100, 4 node 12 drive configuration, only 3 drives will be available / visible per node.

Also, you will need to install either a raid controller, or HBA on all nodes to see the drives. If you use raid, you will then need to boot to the raid controller through bios to initialize the drives and configure the vdev before your OS can see it.

I can send pictures of what the raid controller looks like if I remember when I get home.

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