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October 2nd, 2023 09:16

Dell PowerEdge server R730

Dear All

i have Dell PowerEdge server R730, and the disk 1:03 blinking orange, so i replace it to SAS SSD 1.745 TB 

but while i going to check from BIOS, i see the VD 0 (Degraded).

any advise please .


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October 2nd, 2023 10:52

A "VD 0 (Degraded)" message in your Dell PowerEdge server BIOS indicates that a virtual disk (VD) in your RAID array is in a degraded state. This typically means that one or more of the drives in the RAID array have issues, and the array is no longer in an optimal, fault-tolerant condition. Please check the following:

  • Check the RAID configuration in the BIOS to ensure that the new SAS SSD is recognized and included in the array.
  • If the new SAS SSD is not recognized, try reseating it or checking the cable connections.
  • If the new SAS SSD is recognized but the VD 0 (Degraded) message persists, try rebuilding the RAID array using the RAID controller software or the BIOS utility
  • If the RAID array cannot be rebuilt, it may be necessary to replace the failed disk with a new one and rebuild the array from scratch.

Hope this helps. 

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October 2nd, 2023 20:02

Within a diskgroup(raid set) only devices of the same type can work together. I have my doubt that a SSD can be part of a HDD diskgroup even if the SSD have the same or larger size.


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