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February 11th, 2024 16:23

Dell XR12 Servers Not Displaying External HDD Volume In My Computer

Hi Team,

We recently ordered a couple of dell XR12 servers with in-built Win Server 2022 OS. When I go to my computer, I could find my C Drive with 200 GB of storage, but I cannot find the external HDD of 1.9 TB which is loaded on to the server. We have ordered 3*1.9 TBB HDD for Hotspare + RAID-1 configuration and I believe the RAID is un-configured. Any leads, that how can I see my D (or) Z drive with my 1.9 TB of space.




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February 12th, 2024 13:27



Try installing Dell OpenManage Server Administrator Managed (OMSA) Node for Windows, v11.0.0.0


It will allow you to see your virtual disks and how the physical disks are configured.


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