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September 29th, 2023 10:34

No Reconfigure Button to Expand Existing RAID 10 Virtual Disk

We have a PowerEdge R740 with iDRAC 9 and a PERC H740P controller and have added two additional 960GB disks with the intention of expanding the second Virtual Disk (called Virtual Disk1 in the screenshot below). However, the "Reconfigure" option is not visible either via iDRAC 9, OMSA or within the System Settings menu. 

I have seen some reports that you cannot extend a Virtual Disk running on RAID 10 if there is more than one Virtual Disk - is this the case for our setup?

Thanks in advance.



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September 29th, 2023 15:12

What you stated was correct on the older controllers, but the newer ones can now expand a Raid 10, but is still limited to not being able to expand raid 50 and 60s. You can find the guidelines on Online Capacity Expansion here, and there is a walkthrough on performing it here
Let me know if this helps.

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September 29th, 2023 16:03

Hi Chris, 

Thanks for the response.

I cannot see the "Expand Virtual Disk" option under the Virtual Disk Management" page within System Setup. Is there a certain firmware version required, or anything else I could be missing?

Kind regards,




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29-09-2023 16:11 PM

Before doing anything with the raid array I would ensure you have a complete backup, as well as that the server is up to date on BIOS, iDrac, Raid controller, as well as the drives (if available).

Also, would you confirm if the two virtual disks you have are on the same drives, if so then you wouldn't be able to expand it, as seen on the guidelines I shared previously. 

If there is a single virtual disk in a disk group and free space is available, the capacity of a virtual disk can be expanded within that free space. If multiple virtual disks exist within a common disk group, the capacities of those virtual disks cannot be expanded.    



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