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September 29th, 2023 15:32

Raid card isue


i work at a meteorological office. we are currently having an isue with a dell server that we use for a radar. its a poweredge t320. 

we replaced the drives of the server because the old ones crashed. the server began giving the following error: RAID Adapter
Firmware Failed Validation!!!
Adapter needs to be reflashed.
Press any key to continue...

the drives do not show up in the bios. what can i do in this situation?





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September 29th, 2023 19:52

Hello Ritesh,


What is the controller you have?

     Could you post picture of the labels on the controller showing the Dell Part number (DP/N)?


Try a flea power drain and check results.

drain flea power (shut down, disconnect power cables and Network cables, hold in power button 20 seconds with cords removed). After flea power drain, system has to set for 3 minutes for DRAC to reset without any power plugged in.

At this time do a re-seat of the PERC controller.

Then plug in NIC and power but wait 2 minutes before power on to give DRAC time to initialize.

Check results



See if the controller will take a firmware update. You can find the firmware on the T320 support page :


Use the directions in the following link to update the firmware.

How to Update Firmware Remotely Using the Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) Web Interface

Go down to the section label *iDRAC8 or iDRAC7


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