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October 27th, 2023 15:53

Unable to Set-up Passthrough with H345 Controller


We have a PowerEdge R7525 with Front installed H345 RAID controller. The specs on this card suggest we have the option to operate it as an HBA passthrough, but we are struggling to find the option in order to get this switched. Kindly see pictures for reference. Any ideas?

Thank you



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October 27th, 2023 20:52

Hello Thomas,


The H345 doesn't do HBA :


eHBA: No

Max no of disks in eHBA mode: N/A


You would need HBA345


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October 30th, 2023 14:22

@Dell -Charles R​ Thanks Charles. This H345 Data Sheet is incredibly confusing. 

"Small to medium business owners can enjoy the latest RAID technology at affordable prices and low-power consumption with the
Dell EMC PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) H345. Ideal for file, web, database, and email servers, the PERC H345 delivers trusted
Dell EMC PERC reliability with minimal maintenance effort.
Our entry-level controller card offers a straight-forward solution that includes essential RAID levels and support for Non-RAID
(Pass-Thru) configuration options."

PowerEdge RAID Controller H345
Features Technical Specification
Solution provided Low cost, entry RAID and Non-RAID (Pass-Through) solution for high-density servers (1U or 2U) and workstations with the flexibility to use both SATA and SAS HDDs, SSDs, and pass-through drive configurations.

The document does not make the distinction between the H345 and HBA345.



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30-10-2023 02:34 PM

Hello Thomas,


If you go into one of the Physical Disk does it give you the option to set the disk as non-RAID?


H345 user guide

Page 72:


Convert to Non-RAID disk

To assign a disk from the HII Configuration Utility, perform the following steps:

1. Enter the Dell PERC 10 Configuration Utility. See Navigating to Dell PERC 10 configuration utility.

2. Click Main Menu > Physical Disk Management.

The list of physical disks appears.

3. Select the physical disk.

4. From the Operations drop-down menu, select Convert to Non-Raid disk.

5. Click Go.

A screen appears asking if you are sure you want to perform the operation.

6. Select the Confirm option.

7. Click Yes.

The disk is created successfully.


DELL-Charles R

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