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April 16th, 2024 09:00

PowerFlex VxSDS capacity in use

Hi all. I'm running a system that has the the following characteristics (scli --query_all):

83.8 TB (85792 GB) total capacity
35.8 TB (36639 GB) in-use capacity
39.6 TB (40573 GB) unused capacity
8.4 TB (8579 GB) spare capacity

Based on the documentation unused capacity is "The quantity of raw capacity in the system that can be earmarked for specific purposes, such as Spare, or used for new volume creation". Considering that the system is in DellEMC PowerFlex Version: R3_5.1600.110, and has 2x replication, what unused capacity actually means:

  • Is it the free capacity that you can still use (i.e. the actually the total capacity is 35.8 + 39.6 + 8.4 TB. So we still have 39.6TB for new volumes)?
  • Or is it the available capacity considering the 2x replication (i.e.  that we use 35.8 of the 39.6 available = 3.8TB free for new volumes. So in-use and spare are part of unused capacity)?

Basically the question is how many TB are left available for us to use for new volumes?

Also does anybody know if the replication has increased (e.g. 3x) in the latest versions of PowerFlex?



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April 16th, 2024 16:43

Hello f.mich,

The unused capacity is the space that can be used for volume creation, replication, etc. The spare space is space that hasn’t been assigned.

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