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June 7th, 2024 08:54

Video Memory Insufficient for 5K Screen (Precision 5820 Tower)

I am using DELL Precision 5820 Tower with my 5K2K resolution LG monitor. As the inbuilt GPU memory is only 2GB and I ran out of it everytime, when I started to use Google Chrome (10 Tabs) and Libre Calc together. While Idle, the monitor consumes almost 30-40% of the GPU memory which causes this issue.

Can I get some suggestions on how to solve this issue?

Can I increase the GPU memory at least by 2 GB more in such a way that won't be complex/expensive?

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June 8th, 2024 03:10

By any chance are you using the DP connection instead of HDMI?  Also helps to know what connection you're using as to suggest a GPU card with more VRAM.

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June 8th, 2024 03:11

With indication of 2GB of GPU memory, am guessing you have a Quadro P400.  You may want to look at GPU performance tab in Task Manager.  Besides dedicated GPU memory, Windows also assigned shared GPU memory using virtual memory from system RAM.

If you are interested in increasing dedicated VRAM, you may want to look at Quadro P2000 (5GB) or P4000 (8GB).  Many Dell OEM cards are at reasonable price on big auction site.

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