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02-10-2023 02:20 AM

Did the M6600 ever have a Radeon 6970M configuration?

I was wondering because i saw some people online with a M6600 with the Radeon 6970M , but i cannot find any information about it except for a few webpages.



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02-10-2023 14:25 PM


I only see the following video cars for the M6600.

M6600 • AMD FirePro M8900 Mobility Pro Graphics with 2
• NVIDIA Quadro 3000M with 2 GB GDDR5
• NVIDIA Quadro 4000M with 2 GB GDDR5
• NVIDIA Quadro 5010M with 4GB GDDR

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03-10-2023 13:19 PM

Yes, the Dell Precision M6600 did offer configurations with the AMD Radeon HD 6970M graphics card as an option. This discrete GPU was available as a higher-performance graphics choice for users who required more graphics processing power for tasks such as 3D rendering, CAD work, or gaming. While it may not have been the most common configuration, it was indeed available in some M6600 models.