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March 16th, 2016 03:00

VMAX Initiator Group Port Flag Overrides

I'm trying to get a global view of all flag overrides without having to crawl every IG and output one by one in a loop (very slow if many IG's).

With  symaccess list view -detail -sid XXXX  this shows every Masking View, and additionally shows every child initiator group, so if we have

MV_cluster    with sub child initiator groups  IGC_server1 and IGC_server2, then list view -detail will show *3* full entries

1 - the full MV with child groups listed in the IG section

2 - again, the full MV, this time with IGC_server1 actual WWN's listed in the IG section

3 - again, the full MV, this time with IGC_server2 actual WWN's listed in the IG section

So this is great, and I can get all information pertaining to all Masking Views into an output file, or output to XML and parse later.

But, the problem is that I need to collect all port flag overrides information for all IG's, which can be done via the specific command for that IG as below. What I would like is a full listing that shows every flag override for every WWN in every IG. Commands like list view -detail, suggest that this should be possible (obviously I can run a loop to run all of these commands, and I could do that to collect Masking View info also, but that's *hugely* slower than the list view -detail to get everything in one sweep). Would appreciate if anyone has a way to collect this info efficiently (parts in red are specifically what I am interested in collecting globally for an array - maybe some long format XML output includes this that someone knows as sometimes that outputs different information from the non-XML output?)? Thanks.

symaccess show IG_SERVER01 -type init -sid 1234 -detail

Symmetrix ID          : 000295701234

Initiator Group Name  : IG_SERVER01
Last update time      : 09:31:49 PM on Tue Sep 22,2015

Group last update time: 09:31:49 PM on Tue Sep 22,2015

Port Flag Overrides   : Yes
  Enabled             : Common_Serial_Number(C)
  Disabled            : N/A
Consistent Lun        : Yes

   Originator Port wwn  : 2101001b322f1234
   User-generated Name  : SERVER01/2101001b322f1234
   FCID Lockdown        : No
   Heterogeneous Host   : No
   Port Flag Overrides  : Yes
     Enabled            : Common_Serial_Number(C)
     Disabled           : N/A
   CHAP Enabled         : N/A
   Type                 : Fibre

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March 22nd, 2016 04:00

You can use the symcfg list command to list configuration and status information for a specific director type. For example, to list information about all fibre channel (-FA) directors on Symmetrix array 000198700230, enter: symcfg list -fa all -sid 230 Symmetrix ID: 000198700230 (Local) S Y M M E T R I X F I B R E D I R E C T O R S Dir Port WWN Flags Max AVPFG Speed FA-7E 0 5000097300039918 ..X.. 8 FA-7E 1 5000097300039919 ..X.. 8 FA-8E 0 500009730003991C ..X.. 8 FA-8E 1 500009730003991D ..X.X 8 FA-9E 0 5000097300039920 ..X.. 8 FA-9E 1 5000097300039921 ..X.. 8 FA-10E 0 5000097300039924 ..X.. 8 FA-10E 1 5000097300039925 ..X.. 8 FA-9F 0 5000097300039960 ..X.. 8 FA-9F 1 5000097300039961 ..X.. 8 Legend: Flags: (A)CLX Enabled : X = True, . = False (V)olume Set Addressing : X = True, . = False (P)oint to Point : X = True, . = False (F)COE Director : X = True, . = False VNX (G)ateway Direct Attach : X = True, . = False Note: The VNX (G)ateway Direct Attach Flags column in the above Legend only displays for Solutions Enabler V7.6 and higher. Note: The Max speed column presents an expression of the FA director port’s maximum speed in Gb/second.

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March 22nd, 2016 05:00

Normaly, you have the flags por all initiator in the same port. The command for see all flags in thoses ports is: symcfg list -fa all -sid xx

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March 22nd, 2016 05:00

OP is asking about viewing port override flags, not flags set on the FAs.

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March 22nd, 2016 05:00

i don't think you read the original question.

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March 22nd, 2016 17:00

The CLI command "symaccess show -type init -detail" is the only command that will expose the Port Override flags. Looping through each IG will take a little time as suggested. It will also be quite chatty to the array. I suggest if you want to run the show for each IG, it would be good to take a copy of the symapidb file (run symcfg sync -masking first) and access it in offline mode (will likely be faster in offline mode too).

To run in  offline mode, set the following environment variables:



Then you can do something like this (windows):

for /F "tokens=1" %a in ('symaccess -sid 99 list -type init') do (symaccess -sid 99 show %a -type init -detail)

Note if the command is in a batch file, you need %% and not %.

The other possibility is to use the Unisphere REST API. You can obtain a list of Initiators that have Port overrides set in a single get operation. Then it would be a get for each initiator in the list to obtain the override flag values. No single GET command though to obtain the information you are after.

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April 15th, 2016 20:00

symaccess -sid 1234 list -type initiator

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