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March 21st, 2022 18:00

CCTK 4.6.0 Asset Tag contains null characters

Heads up about a problem with, or please explain this undocumented feature that's not in release notes. Command Configure (, A00) and the cctk contained there-in, v; this sets the asset tag in to contain additional null characters, 6 by my testing. This behaviour is not present in cctk This messed up a bit of logic in testing existing asset tags against task sequence variables used in MECM OSD and we've reverted to using the previous version of cctk to work around this.

E.g. with 4.6.0;
cctk.exe --Asset=12345 --ValSetupPwd=UEFIpw
Powershell: $foo = gcim Win32_SystemEnclosure | select -expandproperty SMBIOSAssetTag
$foo: returns 12345
$foo.length: returns 11
*6 extra null characters

$bar = & .\cctk.exe –Asset
$bar: returns Asset=12345
$bar.length: returns 17
*6 extra null characters

Do the above with cctk v4.5.0.0;
$foo: returns 12345
$foo.length: returns 5
$bar: returns Asset=12345
$bar.length: returns 11
*Being correct as ‘Asset=12345’

Is this an intended feature of cctk 4.6? If so, why has this been implemented and why was it not in the release notes? If it’s not an intended feature, could we please be advised as we’ll have to account for (remove) the null characters in logic.



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March 22nd, 2022 00:00

Hello @tcc_its,


I'm Joey from the Enterprise team, when you mentioned CCTK, what Dell product are you using CCTK on? 

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April 4th, 2022 04:00

I'm having a similar issue related to this. Part of our imaging process for some of our fleet involves pulling the asset tag for naming the PC in the task sequence. This works fine out of box as it can be named directly from the BIOS. But when using the latest version of the command configure tool to rename the asset tag, (for when we repurpose a PC) windows throws up a parsing error relating to the PC name during the imaging Task sequence.

I wasnt aware of the exact reason it was doing this but knew it related to the Asset tag being corrupt in some way but after you posting about it creating null characters it has confirmed this. I've now attempted to run the same process but with the previous version, and it has worked fine.

This fixes our issue somewhat, but I'm hoping this is a bug that will be fixed in the near future.

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