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September 26th, 2023 03:53

Vostro 3500 randomly freezing and shutting down

three times  motherboard  has been replaced and  system is  feezing and  shutting down  again and  again when lifted .OS  has been  installed multiple time The employees are mostly rude and  not responsive.I have now  posted in social media as a  last resort to get my laptop fixed.I can go to  your wud center as  i cannot take leave for my work

November 2nd, 2023 17:00

We have the same problem, we tried to get it fixed by Dell ,but they would not understand I won`t send a laptop full with confidential information by post to them to get it fixed. Especially not when you forked out well over a grand for a so called top of the range laptop.

Now after a year the battery started overheating on the charger.

We have had an Inspiron for half of the money for 6 years now,still running perfect.

Volstro is a piece of very expensive rubbish.

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