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23-08-2023 15:30 PM

Macrium Reflect 8,1 can't detect internal drive in Dell Inspiron


I'm looking for help in problem I faced while trying to make full image of system partition using Macrium Reflect 8,1 on Inspiron 3793 with hard drive NVMe kioxia 512.

I use the same version of Macrium to make images on two another computers - a laptop and a very old desktop PC and everything always works fine. This time I wanted to make image on Inspiron, and after loading Macrium from bootable pendrive, the only memory Macrium showed was the pendrive. Internal drive didn't appear at all (neither of two partitions).

I pluged in some external drives and Macrium showed them at once, but despite of many tries, it can't see internal drive.

Can anybody help?

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26-08-2023 19:07 PM

I think your query will get more focused attention in the Macrium forums.