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20-08-2023 14:37 PM

No WLAN but there's Bluetooth

Inspiron 5402/5409

Inspiron 5402/5409

Hi, so recently I can't connect to any wifi because there's no connection available, when I check in the device manager there's no wireless adapter but there is a Bluetooth device (personal area network), this Bluetooth device will disappear if I remove the network card. Because I have 2 laptops with this model of network card I can confirm that my network card isn't broken because if I put it in another laptop it works fine, another laptop network card will also not work with my laptop (again showing Bluetooth device only)

This issue started when I remove the network card and clean my laptop, it's not working ever since.

Things I've tried:
1. Reinstalling the driver using dell provided software (it successfully installed but still no wifi)

2. Disable and Enable WLAN and Bluetooth on the Dell bios

3. Swapping the network card with the known good one (still only showing Bluetooth device)

Pictured below device manager shows no Qualcomm adapter only Bluetooth

Need help!

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