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January 4th, 2023 13:00

3040 Can I use a monitor NOT on the compatability list

Hey Guys,

I got this 3040 from a used supplier and installed Fedora on it because Windows was too large to even upgrade!

I'm looking for a monitor that can utilise the full resolution of the system but all the 'compatiible' monitors are all 1080.

I've found a monitor on that is a 27" that is within resolution capability of the chip, i.e. UltraSharp 27 U2722D

The documentation states that the 3040 can handle 2 monitors of 2560 x 1600 using the DP connection.

Is their any reason why this monitor won't work with the 3040, or does DP mean it should work with any DP monitor?

Thank you.

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January 6th, 2023 04:00

Thanks Dell Customer Support!

Informed that it shouldn't be a problem.

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